Can someone give me advice about a dream?

The past 3 nights I have had dreams about my ex boyfriend.. we broke up 6 months ago. Then when I went to leave my house today his dad's business truck just so happened to be working 5 houses down. We dated for 4 years, his dad worked for his family friend on the side for almost 2 of those and he's never been this close to my house. I don't know if its the universe trying to tell me something but I really don't like it...


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  • One thing we can't control is dreams. They don't usually have any relevance on real life or what is going to happen. It is pure coincidence so don't worry about it. Do u think u have feelings still or has something subconsciously happened recently maybe u went to a place u both went to before or something and in your dream world u thought about it with him involved?

    Some people think dreams have meanings but for me its just a dream. I once dreamt I married Drew Barrymore, it was many years ago and I'm still waiting for it to happen lmao


What Girls Said 1

  • Some people don't belive in things like this but I do for example I had a dream about my ex three nights ago and last night he messaged me on fb but anyway have u had other dreams that come true or happen after you has them

    • i used to, when we were dating. he has another gf now so i doubt anything will come out of it

    • Ahh sounds like what I am going through

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