Guy wanted a Break to Figure Himself Out-Why can't I be apart of it?

my guy broke up with me. Was having serious emotional issues and stresses. We were together for over a year, and he just left. We never had problems previously ever.
He said he still cared for me and that it wasn't the end-there was still a chance of getting back together. But he didn't want to hurt me through how emotional he was. He said i deserved better-Ive never had aguy treat me better. He said he needed to be happy with himself and love himself first.
Im crushed as he never said he had problems he just left. He came over the next night and apologized but I was very mean Im heartbroken I didn't hug him back.
The next night I asked him to come over and I tried loving him back and he pushed me away. Said he needed space and couldnt do the up and down thing.

Im lost. Why can't I help him? I thought I made him happy.
Im scared of losing him forever. Im not sure how to talk to him or if I should at all and just wait for him to contact me.


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  • He needs space. Give him space. Let him go. If it's meant to be he will come back but I don't think u should wait for him


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  • Seems like he needs to work on his own things for now. I'd suggest letting him do that.

    -> In the future, when your partner comes to you to apologize, try your best to accept that apology. It isn't easy to apologize and admit you were wrong, so you really don't want to hurt them in that position.

    Good luck!

    • I apologized later for my outbursts. And he said he knew I didn't mean them. But Did I throw away our relationship because of my actions? He still contacts me once a day. Asks what I am doing etc. If Im hanging out with friends, working on school work.

    • Nope, if he throws you away for that outburst chances are that you didn't really have the right kind of relationship anyway.

      He still seems interested, so I suggest giving him the space to find himself and you again.

  • Sorry but he's not into you anymore. Date other guys.


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