Ex-Boyfriend leaving for overseas studies?

We broke up nearly 4 months ago. We broke up because early Jan 2015, he will be leaving to further his studies in the States for four years. It was very hard for me cause he was my first boyfriend. The night when he gave me closure, he told me everything will be alright. We can still hang out at the dining hall and I can still find and talk to him. That night, when he sent me back to my hall of residence, we were holding hands and giving each other the last goodnight kiss. And that was also the last time we said I love you to each other. After the day we broke up, everything changed. We don't talk. We don't even say hi to each other. I can't even give him a smile. After 4 months, I still cry every single day. He's always the first person that i think every morning and also every time before I go to sleep. There was never a day that I never shed tears. This semester will end in another 5 weeks, which means I can only see him for another 5 weeks. After that, he will be at him home settling all his stuffs to leave for US. We're both from different states. So, when semester ends, I won't be seeing him anymore. I really miss him. I miss him so much and I still love him. I really do. I don't know what to do cause after this 5 weeks, I won't be seeing him anymore. He will be in US for 4 years. In that period of time, he won't be coming back also. Someone please tell me what I can do. I don't want to regret. We're not talking anymore but I don't want things to end like this. I don't want things between us to go unsaid. Please help. Tell me what I can do with this. Your help is really much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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  • Move on or go to the same college as him. it's over you see, you need to accept the reality and stop living in dream land, it's life and u need to accept it.


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