Guy Advice: I really love this guy and don t want anyone else. Have I lost him forever? How can I get him back?

So my ex and I dated for 8 years we broke up due to being different religions. We bother really loved each other and he knew he wanted to marry one month into our relationship and would introduce me to everyone as his wife. Anyways, so we have been broken up almost 2 years. We kept in touch majority of our break up in which he had a hard time handling the break up. This past August, an incident happened and he said it was best we didn t talk. So he blocekd me off facebook. Sept I went to vegas with my friends and he unblocks me the same weekend. Couple weeks later I went to an event ( which me and him met 10 years ago at), his friend sent me a message saying he was at the same event ( which i doubt) and that he saw my pictures and it seems like I was having fun. A week later he called me asking me if I was single and saying he was single and how he has changed and missed the good old days. He said we will talk soon. 3 weeks go by no contact, so I decided to call. He called me back we talked briefly in which he said he is always the one calling and that i never call him, and he knows how a doctors time is valuable, but said i will call you later. Couple days past he doesn t call i called again he was at work and said he would call me later. Same thing he didn t. I am confused with what he was doing? Was he upset that i didn t try contacting him earlier and so he wants to put me through the same pain of waiting? Do you think he will ever come back?


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  • Religion is a stupid reason to break up over. Just ask him if he wants to get back together


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