Is it normal to cry after deciding to or breaking up with someone?

I have been dating this guy for a month, but the relationship seemed one sided. I know it was short, but I think I got into a relationship too early after dealing with a relatively bad break up from an 8 month relationship back in April.

Sure he would take me on dates and say that I'm hot once in a while, but most of the time he didn't seem interested.

I liked the guy, and I would try to hang out with him as often as I could and try to be cute and romantic around him, but he would either kind of nudge me away, or keep paying attention to something else.

Soon after that he would keep to himself and not text me. It got to the point that I was really miserable, and I felt lonelier in a relationship with him than by myself.

I stopped talking to him for 6 days and he didn't text me once. Not to check up on me. Not to just talk. Nothing. I didn't know if we were over or not until I saw him the other day and he walked right past me. I only just realized that I have to talk to him to officially break things off with him and I'm crying.

I feel like I'm going to hurt more from this break up than he is, and I guess that should encourage me to not feel anything about it, but it's making me feel worse.

I feel sad about the eventual break up, dread for the upcoming meetup, and guilty for leaving him.

I honestly dont know how I should feel right now.

Please help.


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  • Of course it's normal. It's letting out your emotions because you're very sad and you don't know and you keep wondering what if and is it real. Humans are meant to cry. Just let it out!


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