I keep dreaming about my ex?

I dreaming about my ex who im still in love with we broke a month ago we still text a little i told him how i feel like that i still care for him put I'm not interested in another relationship with him even thou I am but he won't tell me anything that's going on with him just that he's doing great after our break up I just feel really stupid for even caring because I know he isn't interested in me anymore bc he keeps leaving me on read and I put my pride as side to try talk to him and he's being a jerk and won't text me unless I text him and i dont wanna text him and seem like im harrassing him but the other day i did text him to make sure he deleted all my pics he being ok with me ask but then I said "idk maybe you would stab in the again" then he said "wow" after that I just left him on read like the way he did to me trying for him idgaf about him either I don't know maybe I am I'm going crazy how do I get over him
I'm 17 and he's 19


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  • I dated a guy for almost two years. And it took me almost a year to even get over him. Things were exactly the same way between me and him as well. He wouldn't talk to me unless I would talk to him first, and things were short. Eventually, as hard as it is, you have to let it go. It won't happen over night. It might take weeks or months. But eventually things will get easier. Although it's not what you want to hear, it's easier if you don't talk to him anymore. Right now it might not seem easier, but in the long run it'll help. You might just want to be sad right now, but don't let your sadness consume you. The worst thing you want to do is look back on yourself a year from now and wonder why you wasted so much time. Whatever the reason you two broke up, it's just because your goals aren't compatible. You aren't a bad person and chances are neither is he. But sometimes things don't work out. And that's okay. Don't try to force things. They will get better. It might be storming now, but it can't rain forever. Keep your head up.💕

    • But how much longer I'm so over being miserable I just want it to be over

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  • I've been in a new relationship for almost three years and I still often find myself dreaming about my ex... its rather weird, I also don't know why this happens.
    apparently if you dream about someone often, its not because they want something from you, its because you need something from them... at least that's what spiritualists say.
    so maybe you're seeking closure still?

    • Yeah I guess I don't know I only see myself with him I don't even know what I'm doing I have already ruined whatever chance I had to get back with him I want to know how he feels about this but I feel stupid if I'm the one still trying to text him

  • I heard it means that they're thinking about you.


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