Why would my ex boyfriend give my number to his friends after he said he has feelings for me?

Me and my ex dated for a few months, he dumped me because his father got sick, we were quite serious like he said he loved me etc. We didn't speak since we broke up about a week ago. Two days ago he messaged me informing me his dad had passed away, I naturally said I would be here if he needs me etc, he then proceeded to tell me he still has feelings for me, but he can't have a relationship because of his dad. I said that's okay, I understood and that was it, we just didn't speak but he was calling me baby etc.
Yesterday I got a phonecall from his friend that I had met through my ex, he said he had asked my ex for my number because he thought I was hot, and my ex had given it to him and basically said crack on. When this guy asked, my ex said he has no feelings for me whatsoever.
I then told the guy not to contact me and I deleted my exes number.

Why would my ex do that? I have a really bad opinion of my ex now and I don't want anything to do with him, i just feel like a piece of meat tbh and that my ex doesn't care.


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  • Move on girl if he has feelings for u then he would have told u earlier

    I dont think he loves u if he loves u i am sure he will be back in 2 days


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