How do I not feel like crap after a break up?

We were dating for 8 months broke up yesterday and I just really don't know what to do. We're both seniors we planned our whole life's after school together and now I'm just lost he was my everything. I just can't stop crying how do I get over this and get back to being myself?


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  • I'm in the same boat just the other way around. My girlfriend broke up with me out of nowhere about a month ago to go out with another guy & I thought we'd be together forever. She didn't blame me, just wanted to be with a new guy.

    I've had a good mix of good days & bad days since the breakup. I'm in college & I know it's not manly to admit but I've had days where I'm just so sad, unmotivated to do anything & get depressed. Don't let yourself do what I do. Don't get stuck feeling bad for yourself. I bet you're a great girl who deserves someone who truly cares about you & will always have your back. You have to be strong & make yourself spend more time with friends & family & realize they can be very helpful to you.

    I recommend trying to avoid contact with him & give you both your space. It'll take time, & it's taking me time... But you will get better...


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  • I swear I keep saying this:

    Live in the present, not the future.

    Like, seriously, you can't predict the future. So don't try, and then you don't expect anything.

  • Put yourself in first place, love yourself, take care of yourself. I belive you dont like to see yourself like that, crying, down, so do something good for you, go spend money, meet friends, take a nice shower, put nice cloths on, and go out, I know is hard but try have fun.
    He was your everything, but everything finish or change in life, understand that, and more than sad because is finished you should be happy because it happened, all those nice moments they are a bless, keep them save, learn with them because they are a lesson of life getting you ready for bigger and better things.

    Be yoursef, be happy. For you and those who saround you. Peace


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