Is she playing games or just trying to play with my emotions?

Ok well, I need your help guys.. I've recently broken up from a long term relationship. Did the hole NC thing for about 6 weeks and things were going ok, getting myself back in shape, meeting new woman etc etc.
Since the breakup I've only seen my ex a couple of times, mainly with her mum, or just on her own. Then Last week, I almost bumped into my me while at work, we saw one another and as i passed her we exchanged smiles.. That night she contacted me via whats app, with a few pic messages, "the person you care for the most, is the person you'll let hurt you the most" and "How long before I'm just a memory" then another " There are some people you've just got to love from a distance"
So, ok we started to chat.. It was a little weird to start with, then she started asking what I'd been up to so i told her and the same for her! She also said how much she missed me, but didn't love me anymore.. Through out our conversation in an hour she said "I'm happy for you" 5 times. Then out of the blue, the next day she started asking me if I'd had any action since we broke up? saying that she was interested. I just shrugged it off and she took this as I had, because i wouldn't answer the questions and began to get a bit pushy and saying that she's hooked up with guys, but nothing happened.
She then came out with, I miss you, miss talking to you, I wish we could go back to the way it was.. and i miss the sex cos it was amazing.. Again i sort of shrugged it off! Then she started to snapchat me. A few pics, then messages about how i used to make her feel etc.. All of a sudden, she then just went quiet!!
Then yesterday, she messaged me.. Asking how i was doing, and that could we at least be civil? Next she came out with we're both over one another so thats good.. But when I said, that I'd not said that i was and she'd assumed it again she went off on one.
So.. I've left it! Said "well, if you fancy meeting up and catching up let me know.." Her reply was "Okay :)"
Thanks guys for your help..

She's been in contact again over the past few days! This time its a constant I want to be friends with you etc. She's also said that I've not replied to if I miss or want her either, which i just responded I think you know the answer to that!
The latest messages.. which I've rarely responded to were "You walked straight past me today" and that "you looked really good"..
Again it then changed, to her saying that "alot can change in a week lol" when talking about flirting, The came out with the sex was amazing! I just responded, "I'm glad it was and that i hope he/they were able to give you what you wanted, and it was better than what we used to have" Funny that she didn't respond..


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  • She's screwing with you. She said she doesn't love but she's flirting? She's immature and no good, stop all contact with her and move on, you don't need some chick playing games with you trying to get a reaction.


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  • You are doing the right thing here and the most healthy thing you can by seeing other women, getting yourself in shape and just carrying on as you should. It seems to me like you are handling the breakup like a man, so good for you.

    It also seems to me like this woman is very immature. What she is doing to you is not right. She is 100% playing with your emotions. It's cowardly and it is selfish, and you deserve better than that.

    I would just carry on just as you are and keep doing the things that are best for yourself. I am sure that if you do the next GF you get will be a lot better for you than this one. Because those behaviors to me are not the sign of an emotionally healthy good woman.

    Don't let her BS get to you. You sound like a better man than that. And again, good for you for handling the breakup so well and I would continue doing just that.

    Hope this helps man, good luck.


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