Why would my ex give my number to his friend?

Me and my ex dated for a few months, we broke up because his father got sick (he ended it), we were quite serious like he said he loved me etc. We didn't speak since we broke up about a week ago. Two days ago he messaged me informing me his dad had passed away, I naturally said I would be here if he needs me etc, he then proceeded to tell me he still has feelings for me, but he can't have a relationship because of his dad. I said that's okay, I understood and that was it, we just didn't speak but he was calling me baby etc.
Yesterday I got a phonecall from his friend that I had met through my ex, he said he had asked my ex for my number because he thought I was hot, and my ex had given it to him and basically said crack on. When this guy asked, my ex said he has no feelings for me whatsoever.
I then told the guy not to contact me and I deleted my exes number.

Why would my ex do that? I have a really bad opinion of myI ex now and I don't want anything to do with him, I feel like he doesn't care and he sees me as a piece of meat.


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  • That was his way of breaking up with you. He didn't want to break up face to face, so made the excuse about his dad. When his friend asked for your number, he showed his true feelings.

    Don't be too hard on him. I'm sure he THINKS he was being polite by not breaking up with you in an honest way.

  • Your ex was being a jerk, that's all. I know its a huge loss (losing his dad), but that doesn't give him the license to pass on your number to every Tom, Dick and Harry without your consent.


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