Everytime he asks to hookup my feelings for him get less and less?

Most folk would say block him from your life but the more I'm exposed to him the feelings I had are dwindling, probably because I see him for what he is a user and very sad nasty desperate man.
I want to get to the stage where it gets at that I ignore him.. I'm almost there and though I don't feel great I'm also not crying or calling or begging him. I told him my body is not for using.

Has anyone else done something similar to get over a man or woman by not blocking them but let them in just enough to see their true colours?


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  • no I have never done that yet. hmm.. do you have a nice guide?

    • Why is no one ever helpful
      On this site?

    • the extremely helpful are very great or very few, either way, they don't answer every question seriously lol. im not passing a joke btw, that's just as clear as I can put it. and I was serious about the guide. maybe I can try it sometime to some girl that is trying to fuck me over.

    • I think the more I expose myself to that person anything I felt goes.. he cut me out his life so by seeing that side and all his nasty words and then having the cheek to come back asking for sex from me... it kinda makes me think I don't like u as that person anymore.. I think no contact doesn't work I think people with brokenhearts need to see for themselves what kinda person the dumper is... the more exposed we are the more we care less and less and then believing we can do better than that...

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  • You're doing the right thing! All you can do is tell him how you feel, what you expect, and leave it at that. If he has feelings for you, he will come to you and want you back. You need to move on and find someone that respects you for your morals.

    • No he would use it as an ego trip I've done all that before.. it's probably the wake up call I've needed that he wasn't a nice person to begin with and seeing I out this man on a pedestal for to long..

    • Then all you can do is move on, sorry hun! I know its hard. :(

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  • Why do you play games? Just tell him to fuck off if he doesn't respect you and you dislike him...

  • Watch the movie "frozen"


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