Has anyone ever moved to a different state right after a breakup?

So I've moved to Illinois from California about 7 years ago. Long story short, known a guy for a year but dated for 6 months, both had strong feelings for each other but for silly reasons we argued, then he dumped me 3 weeks ago. And I'm moving back to Cali next Sunday. Pretty hurt from the breakup and now my anxiety is through the roof with this moving thing. If anyone ever went through this, how did you cope? Or do you have any advice for me?


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  • I've never done this yet. it would have had to been a severe break up that had too many negative repercussions tied to it. hey California is awesome, come on back, we miss you :D not in a creepy way:) just know that life does not end with 1 failed relationship or 1 failed attempt at any relationship.


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