My ex keeps looking at me half the time and I think he still likes me, but he has a girlfriend - help?

Ok well I'm confused about my ex boyfriend he has a new girlfriend but I think he's still trying to get my attention. Because when we were dating he told me he would never ware skinnies and he knew I wanted to see what he looked like in them. Well the school year is back in session and he's like waring tight shirts and skinnies. I'm like because he looks good in skinnes and a tight shirt and for a scrawny guy he looks good ( I have it bad I know ). I mean I can't help but think about him and I know he still likes me but he's dating my cousin which makes me think he's trying to keep a close range to me :shurg: I'm not sure. Now I see him stare at me for a couple of second and then turn around really fast. I'm confused but when he thinks I'm not looking he stares at me and I can feel his eyes on me. And when he went over to my friends sisters house he asked about me but he tried to hide how he really felt (caring) and then he said in a sad voice that he missed coming over and stuff. To me it sounds like he still likes me and my cousin doesn't know :\. For me this is the first time I've actually felt this way about someone every time I think about it I think he's the "one" but I'm not sure.

Give me your opinion on it and tell me what you think be honest but make it nice tho my feelings are just like exploding lakglkahdihglak <-----these are the letters in my head when I get scared to talk to him now.

Normally I don't feel the way I do but could you please help me

And if any of you are thinking I'm going to steal him WRONG I would never do that


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  • Go see my previous questions. I went thru this. And wasted my 2 years of education for this. So you don't make the same mistake. Talk to him and clear the air. If you don't want to be back with him then tell him in no uncertain terms that he should stop staring.

    You will have the urge to be soft on him I know but don't give in to it please, you will be spoilt in this confusion called "he loves me he loves me not"


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