Is my f buddy catching feelings?

I have had a f buddy for a little while now. We don't see each other that often, maybe like twice a month, and we never go on dates. Sometimes we talk for hours after and he texts me almost everyday but that's about as deep as it gets. Lately he has communicated that he wouldn't like it if I dated and/or slept with someone else and that he hasn't slept with anyone else since we met. I feel like I'm not his girlfriend so he can't expect loyalty. I asked him if he wants me to be his girlfriend. Then he says he only wants sex. I'm confused. Is he catching feelings or marking his territory or what?


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  • More like a territorial thing I think. I can see where he's coming from. Plus it's just safer that way. I mean you wouldn't want him sleeping around with a bunch of other women while still sleeping with you on the side, you can catch something.

    So how does a guy find a friend with benefit? I'd like one, seriously.

    • Lol. It kinda just happens. I just wasn't interested in a relationship and we get along so might as well.

    • see that's my problem... I don't have too many female friends. Guess I should change that.

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  • Trust your instincts I say. He is catching feelings i think. He does not want to admit it. Call it ego or whatever?

    It happens. You are both human, have feelings. He might have feelings for you.

    Suggest him a little bit of break, he will understand what he really wants.


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  • I really think your need to talk to him... if all he wants is sex than why is he asking you to be loyal? Plus, all those nice chats that sounds like genuine friendship that may be translating gradually into a relationship.

    I don't think he's really looking for sex only. I think he doesn't dare to tell you that he'd like both of you to become a couple. Otherwise his words and behaviour are as contradictory as can be!

  • sounds like he doesn't want to shake the status quo because he has those feelings. you went into it as f buddies, obviously to avoid those feelings, he is probably under the impression if he admitted to feelings he would be losing you. his indecisiveness to how to resolve this has left him a dog in the manger, wanting what he could only expect from admission, but avoiding it as to not lose your commitment. my money would definitely be on him having feelings though. f buddies always end one of two ways both move on before one falls for the other, or one always inevitably falls. attraction is attraction.

    • Yes I should say we both got out of pretty serious relationships when we met. My guy moved away for a job and he was engaged and the girl cheated and left. I wish he would just be honest if that's the case so it can be dealt with.

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