Should I break up with him?

For my other question, it is this site (girlsaskguys) with /dating/q1180338-i-do-nt-know-if-he-is-still-into-me
We went on school camp and got back a few days ago. While we were on, I tried to talk to him (We were next to a river and swimming in it) and we talked LOADS!!! I was in the toilet (yes, the toilet) that evening and my friend came in and said he wanted to talk to me so OBVIOUSLY I said yes and rushed to wash my hands and GET OUT!! It was awkward because his friends 1) Were singing wedding music and 2) WOULDN'T GO AWAY! We both tried running away from each other but only I succeeded. MY friend then came over to me (I was now up in a tree) with his cap and forced it onto my head. By the way our stupid teachers don't allow relationships and they were RIGHT NEAR US THE WHOLE TIME! The next day we went swimming again and once again talked heaps. We hung out without interruptions during the same "free-time" bit we had after dinner but before our night activities and during that nights book activities and board games where we played celebrity heads with loads of people. The next day we were leaving and during the night before we left and the day we were leaving, I was thinking about if I still like him? I know that he likes another girl as well as me and she likes him but that's a completely other thing... I also like another person but hardly and he doesn't like me back, lol. He is getting really awkward around me and not my friends (One one my best friends is really good friends with him and they went to the same other primary school before this one) and he just talks to them like they are guys but with me it is different... If you need any other exact information to answer just ask and I will answer. Please help me!!! Oh and so sorry or all of the capital letters! It is a habit... Anyway thank you for reading and hopefully answering. ONE LAST THING! If you didn't read the other question, I am 13 and in grade 7 at school.


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  • Hmm... Honestly, this sounds cliche, but I'm getting older and I guess I have the right to say cliches once in a while:

    At your age, I wouldn't worry too much about getting serious with a guy like this. You're going to have a lot of time before either of you will be at a place in life where you can really consider settling down, so stressing about it right now isn't going to profit you.

    That doesn't mean you can't enjoy his company, or that you have to stop liking him or anything. I'm just saying, take things slow and don't take it all too seriously. If you really want your best chance to end up with him in the long run, you actually have a better chance just trying to be a friend for now and seeing if that comes up with you get older than if you tried to start a relationship with him now and hold onto it for all these years before you come of age.

    Thats just my thoughts. Good luck!! =)


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