Married Former Flame Contacted Me. Thoughts on my response?

So, my married ex contacted me. I thought about not responding at all, but I'm not good at ignoring people, so I was noticeably cold instead.

He was all like: "Hello, how are you my friend? etc. Did you dress up for Halloween this year?" I took a day to think about answering him back. My response: "Hello, I'm fine. Not this year."

I mean, what did he expect? He was especially carefully to make sure he snuck in the word "friend." I think he's deluding himself. He wouldn't have contacted me unless he wanted to talk to me... and wanting to talk to me means he hasn't fully let go.

(Bonus info: I was watching Romeo and Juliet at the time. That says it all.)

Honestly, there's no point in being all buddy-buddy with a married ex. I'm not interested in helping him cheat on his wife. Plus, it would be too psychologically painful for me.

Rate my reaction. Do you think I got my point across?


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  • First off, i like the side step. you didn't come off too excited to make it seem like you missed him or something, but at the same time, you didn't seem douchey as well... i am loving the wordplay. (and you deserve a high five for waiting a day too) Not too many people can play it like that. most women go for extremities. I think he got the message loud and clear..."Hello, Im over you".. nice.

    • Thank you for your response. I mean I don't hate they guy, there's just nothing left to say at this point.

    • there really is nothing...

    • thanks for the vote.

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