Is he hidding his girlfriend?

Guys, please help with an honest answer...
Everytime my son takes pictures of my estranged husband's girlfriend, he erased them before he returns back from his house. We've been separated long time already, but I found very confusing he keeps partially hidding her, by not mention her, erasing my son's pictures, etc,
All this is very weird to me, because she's the one that watches my son while my ex works and I don't know if he's just being discret or if he still has feelings for me?


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  • I'm not very experienced in this area, but I can give you my naive and honest opinion from what is told.

    I think that it's very clear there are two factors here that you care for, your son and your estranged husband. My largest concern here is the wellbeing of your son, primarily because if there is any kind of adult complications going on, then there shouldn't be any burden on your son to be the one responsible for hiding or being secretive. I think your #1 priority right now is your son, however, I think that if you strongly believe there is something to do with feelings from your ex then you could perhaps broach the subject to him, in a manner that would suggest you AREN'T asking about his feelings.

    I don't think I'm getting what I'm trying to say here across very clearly but I think that you should be prepared to acknowledge that the chances are that he's moved on, meaning your main priority is your son.

    If I was in a similar situation to your son I'd like to know that my mother is concerned about the secretive things occurring, however, being a typical teenage boy I'd also not want any kind of closure between my mum and I to be another classic awkward lecture.

  • To answer your question. It definitely sounds like he's hiding her.


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