Why wasn't I strong enough?

Why wasn't strong enough to let my first boyfriend go. I wish when he dumped me I would let go my love and feelings of care and stupid things I did to try to get him back... I feel dumb... i wish I could be that girl you dump me see you later and bye... wishing and missing aomwone... I'm just sitting here crying..
Just sat here and cried for 45mins... just a fool


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  • Stop beating yourself up. You wanted to preserve the relationship and your emotions were running high. So, you made a few self-abasing mistakes here and there in an effort to get him back. It happens to the best of us, more than many people would like to admit.

    Truth is, it often takes a considerable amount of time alone to recover from a breakup and transition to singlehood. And people simply have differing ways of grieving during.

    You are okay. You are not weak for grieving over your loss and missing your ex. Now, in situations as this, you know it's best to refrain from reacting off of your emotions.

    • I feel like I made a mistake. This man was loving and being with other women and even being in love with them... while I was loving and missing him...

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