I can't make sense of my ex's behaviour!

So since my boyfriend broke up with me 5 months ago, he jumped straight into a new relationship and left me heartbroken and picking up the pieces of my shattered heart. We've been civil/friends ever since have spoken on the phone a few times and have pleasant conversations.

I put myself into no contact/minimal contact, and as soon as I stopped replying to his texts, he sent 4 in one day, one of them saying 'so now you are too cool to talk to me?'. He then called me after I didn't reply to him, and we spent an hour talking on the phone, laughing and joking and it was just like we used to be. He said he misses me and being around me, and was asking jealous questions about a guy I've been on a few dates with. His new gf is very jealous of me and knows that he still talks to me, but he still carries on contact with me. In the most recent phone call he told me he still has our 'private' videos we made in the bedroom and says he still watches them. After we finished the phonecall he text me and said 'sex? I'm so down'. He then started backtracking saying he can't cheat as it's not right etc, but that he'll always be there for me and he thinks I'm a 'sweetheart'.

What does all this mean? It's very confusing, and considering im still in love with him and do want him back it makes it very emotionally hard for me. I think I'm going to go back to no/minimal contact and see if he still contacts me. His relationship is definitely a rebound as it was a matter of a couple of weeks after we broke up that they got together.


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  • Haha this guy's a loser playing with chu, he just trying to get the better side of you so that he can have sex with you nothing else you. He said it himself "sex? I'm so down", he's actually cheating on his new gf with you, dont fall for it open your eyes and be wise


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  • That the most amazing thing I love in guys cut the water and air from them in they start chasing you everywhere :3 I think he is confusing between you and his relationship in one side he want you in other side he doesn't want you, let him be and ask him directly does he want you back or not? and what going on with him in my opinion be his friend without friend zoned him, he is just confusing and he need to know what does he want I don't advice you to no contact him, just give it time he need to figure out what does he want by his own.


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  • Rule #1: NEVER deal with ex's. Now you see why, just confusion and drama.


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