Me and my now ex haven't talked for awhile but he looks sad still? I don't understand what is happening with mixed signals, help?

We were together for a year and this month would of made 3 months. We broke up I want to say about a week and maybe a half now? But he said he wanted to be friends and then still ignored me so we don't talk to each other anymore. The way he would text seemed like he was trying to play hard to get. Is that possible for that to happen? And I just wonder like he hasn't still changed anything on Facebook with being in a relationship or pictures of us. Could he be moving on? I'm always still going to love him he was my first real relationship but still I'm really curious about this. I don't know how are guys like all through the break up process?


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  • Rule #1: NEVER deal with ex's. Now you see why. Nothing but drama and confusion.

  • The only firm decision was the break up and that is the only one you should take seriously. the rest, is just second-guessing. thats why sometimes guys run back to their ex's. You on the other hand, instead of lingering around watching his actions/reactions, should move on. if he initiated the break up then said he wants to be friends, thats code for "i want to keep you around, just in case i can't get with someone else". You darling, have to start getting him outta your mind. Its not going to be easy, but its going to be less painful than getting back with him.


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