Should I break up with my girlfriend for travelling?

I live in a cold country north in Europe.. I really love to travell and discover the world... last 2 years I havw done many solotrips and thne while I was back in my country I meet a girl which I really like.. we have been together for 8 9 months now.. our problem from the begginig was that she couldnt understand why i want to travel so much... she can not travell for money probelms beacause she studies and beacuse we dont have the same times vacation... so my probelm is that I dont find it so big deal going somewhere for 1 or 2 weeks or 3-4 days with friends or by myslef but she have a hyge problem and we have had many hyge fights about that.. should i break up with the girl i really like or should i do something that i like?


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  • is it worth it to work out a compromise and still be with this girl?

    after you answer that question you'll have your answer.

    • No... i want really to be with her but also travell... she want me to be with her and not to travel

    • you guys have to settle on a compromise then.

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