SOS: did I mess up by doing this?

My boyfriend and I broke up because he went to college, its his birthday soon and i sent him a package of his favorite foods, good move or bad move?


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  • Wow, impressive move.

    Personally and going from the little information you gave here I think what you did was really nice and says a lot. If the circumstances were different and you guys didn't break up because of a mutual and realistic circumstance such as being away from each other at college then I would have a different opinion.

    But just because you both broke up over going to college doesn't mean that you do not still care about each other and have feelings for each other. That stuff is still there and there is absolutely nothing wrong with showing that like you did.

    I would be extremely impressed and even flattered if I was him. And that doesn't happen easy for me so that says a lot right there.

    With all that being said, I'd be careful of going overboard with stuff like that in the future and would base doing more things of this nature on reciprocation and response. Because if you do go over-board to a point where his reciprocation/response does not warrant it, then you are just digging yourself a hole. And that would not be a fair thing to do to yourself.

    So all in all here, I think what you did was authentic and such a nice and genuine thing to do and he should be very thankful. Anyone who tells you otherwise or would think otherwise and not appreciate this for what it is would be a fool.

    Well done in my book.


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  • very bad, makes you seem needy... if you want him backk show your better off

  • Only if you don't have feelings still, is it a bad move


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