Is she moving on or trying to get my attention? My life has stopped. (2)

(see part one)

... While in our relationship she never posted a lot on Facebook so it seems to me like she's doing it on purpose.

To the girls out there: Why is she doing this? Is she trying to make it seem like she's moving on? Has she really moved on? Is she missing me at all?

I myself am a wreck and I watch dudes that she became friends with recently on Facebook like her statusses and it freaks me the hell out! I can't get anything done and although I'm trying to make the thoughts of her go away or ignoring her posts, I feel like my heart is getting stomped on by a herd of frickin' buffalo's.

In spite of all this, I'm continuing to not reach out to her, beceause me contacting too much was the reason I turned her off in the first place. But how long will it take for God's sake before she contacts me?

And if she doesn't, how the hell do I get her out of my head. She and I are perfect together and if we could just give it another chance, I know that I can make it work with her this time by giving her the space she needs and letting her miss me once in a while.

Please help..

From a desperate guy.


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  • I am also going through a rough break up right now, and I can tell you in my opinion she's definitely putting up a happy face for social media. I myself have been doing this because while we may be completely crushed inside we want the person who we just ended the relationship with to feel we are doing just fine. I am sure my friends have noticed that the amount of times I upload a snapchat story or post a picture on instagram has increased and a lot of it is because I am curious if he will view it/like it. I can tell you that if she doesn't miss you now she will eventually. At some point she's gonna get so annoyed that you aren't chasing after her and she will come back. I think you need to just keep playing it cool. Hide her Facebook from your timeline or defriend her. I defriended my ex because one week after we broke up girls were already tagging him in photos together and I just couldn't bare to see it anymore, especially because he's the one who broke my heart. Honestly, it sucks but she is probably trying to find a way to move on because her heart is definitely hurting, especially if she's rarely active on social media and all the sudden she is. She's trying to fill a void. Hang in there. Girls are confusing, trust me, I am one.


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  • God lord man grow up. You're freaking out over crap she does on Facebook? Get out in the real world and find another girl!

  • Hey man I'm in the same boat you are in. My ex left me on a high note saying I treated her well and that I will make some woman very happy someday. Blah blah blah. I thought her and I were perfect for each other too but I got my heart crushed. But what you need to do man is unfollow her on facebook, not defriend her just unfollow. Assuming you're still friends. And go out hang with your friends meet new people it will take time to get over her. Just have to keep your mind occupied or you will go nuts. Besides there is no guarantee that she will contact you.


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