My ex wants to forget me, but I want to marry her one day.advice on how to get her back no matter the time it takes?

After a 3 yr relationship. A year and a half before our first break up and then the second year and a half off and on. Im 19 she's 17. the last year was rough we argued constantly. and now sh wants to forget about me. she says i scarred her emotionally this was my first relationship. i didn't know what i was doing. I asked her to teach/ make me into the man she want me to be way before the relationship hit its worst part. her response was people dont change for others. she's in another relationship. i dont mind ill wait how ever long it takes. our last conversation she said she'll like to be friends with me, she just can't right now. So she want to cut me off completely. We've had way more good times then bad but she dwells on the bad. I've never cheated even thought she has. But she want to forget me because of some arguments and because I couldnt take her out everyday like she wanted. im broke i couldnt but when i had money i did.
Maybe if i can get her friendship back and work from there do you think i can get her back?


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  • If she doesn't want the relationship, you owe it to her to respect her wishes and keep your distance. You can't force someone to feel as strongly as you do about them. If you want to remain friends, you have to respect her boundaries. If you push her and push her hoping she'll give into a relationship, you'll create accidental resentment, and only drive her further away. Another thing, it isn't up to your woman to make you the man that she wants. You have to own yourself and your responsibilities. Women aren't attracted to men who want their hand held and be taught a lesson, that's a parent-child relationship.

    Give her the respect of space before you drive her away.


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  • Maybe to you but in my eyes the relationship doesn't seem like more good then bad. Broken up twice on and off half the year constant arguing in those final months. Also who would want to be with someone who scarred them emotionally. She is right about you can't teach or make someone into someone they are you already have to be that way. She is in a relationship now so leave it be and move on. It's your first relationship and your trying to hang on to it too much. Let it and her go.


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  • So she dumped you bc you wernt taking her out and used fighting as an excuse. Screw her find someone who likes you for you not your wallet. She's not worth it anyhow she's not available. She's in. Relationship.


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