How to get back an Aquarius guy?

So me and my boyfriend just broke up on ok terms we agreed to stay friendsand still go on dates.
He says he wants to figure out his life and but that he still will always love me and eventually we will get back together.

He also cheated on me once and is really guilty about it and that's another reason he says he needs to get over the guilt and work on himself and his problems to make sure it doesn't happen again.

So should I trust this and continue to be friends and believe one day we will work out again? Or is he just trying to stay in my pants?

Nothing mean about once a cheater always a cheater please we are just young in our 20s and he made a typical mistake. Ultimately I would like to stay with him down the road. I just need advice on what steps I should do.


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  • horoscopes don't affect who stays together and who doesn't... for the record.

    he sounds like he is legit from what you said, but you know him better to know whether he is lying or not. if you trust him and want to be with him, stay friends and wait for him to get his life together.


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  • Date a pieces


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