I don't understand, why is he acting like this?

I met him a little over 3 months ago, he was vacationing in my city, we met & there was an instant connection.. We were very similar & it felt like finally we met someone who understood us. The first time we met we spent hours together talking but he didn't even try to kiss me, he was respectful. We continued talking online and the next time we saw each other we went to a club, he was drinking but I remember he showed a lot of emotions for me when he was drunk and he was very protective of me almost more than himself at that moment - he made me feel like his princess even at the club. We had slight conversation after that day but it wasn't the same ( we've never had sex , only kissing) & a few days after we last saw each other he randomly blocked me. He hadn't blocked me from Instagram & the next time I posted a pic he liked the pic & then blocked me from it. I was left confused. I checked his tweets like one month later and he tweeted something like I miss the days that I spent with you, that same day he unblocked me on snapchat and then like a day later he blocked me again. He did this again a month later, unblocked me and then after watching my stories for a few days blocked me again. I messaged him a few nights ago after I got a new number & told him in a long message that I missed him a lot and still think about him so much and I don't know why.
He immediately replied & asked where I was , I'm currently in a country close to his. He asked about me & also asked if I needed anything, money or anything & if everything was ok. I don't understand why someone who doesn't care would ask this.. I told him I had everything but him , he replied if you really want me prove it. We talked a bit more and video called but at the end he said that now he was busy in work , he told me I was a good person & if he came to where I was he would tell me before. Then he blocked me again.

he tweeted the night after - my heart will heal from you one day.
Then last night he wrote he needs to travel soon & goodnight to whoever you love, I can't help thinking this is about me. My problem isn't moving on if he doesn't want to be with me, the problem is I feel we both feel the same way about each other and for some reason he's afraid to show it.. The way he acts isn't the way someone who hates someone acts , I'm confused and want to know if he still cares. He's a cancer & I'm a Scorpio


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  • He doesn't know what he wants. I have a feeling he might have someone else he's involved with, but rather than telling you, he doesn't want to let you go in case he changes his mind whatever the case may be. Stop pursuing him. You don't deserve to be treated that way. If he blocks and unblocks you... he doesn't care about you. Maybe he thinks he does, but the commitment isn't there. You need to back off, and let him come to you, and expect him to give you an explanation. If you keep letting him away with it... he'll keep doing it.

    • I don't think he's dating anyone else , work and school only but maybe he's indifferent about me or being in a relationship right now so that's why he's acting this way.

    • He may not be dating, but if he is a fan of picture-based social media, he could be flirting with other girls, which may be why he blocks your account, so other people can't see who he is liking or complimenting. Then unblocking you when he wants to chat you up. Not going to say either which way, it just sounds similar to something that happened to a friend of mine.

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