Girl who has a new boyfriend agrees to go to a event with me?

This girl, who I've had history with added me on Facebook a couple weeks ago and we've been talking to each other every since. She would be flirty with me and sent be "nice" snapchats lol...

Fast forward a couple days ago I ask her if she wants to going to a NBA game with me when she comes back home for the winter break (she lives 5 hours away) as I had two unused tickets. She accepts and the conversations proceed as usually.

Then today she mentions she has a boyfriend in a convo, who lives where she goes to school ( 5 hours away). I ask her if she told her boyfriend that we were going to a NBA game when she comes back home and she replies no. She replies that we are only friends and that her boyfriend would be "okay" with it. I tell her I don't like her more than friends as I'm still mad at her for many previous reasons.

And right now she's mad at me because I haven't told her why I'm still mad at her lol

What's up with her?


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  • You're mad at her for previous reasons. So why are you asking Her to hangout

    • Previous reasons when it came to dating

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