Not wanting to hurt a friend who wants to be more?

I dated a guy who i was friends with for a year before we dated. We promised even if things didn't work out then we would still try to be friends. Well after 2 year of dating I realized that he wasn't the kind of guy i could see myself with long turn. When we broke up we kept our distance for a few months but now we are talking and back to our normal friendship. It has now been 4 months and it has been great. However, it came out that he still has feelings for me and I told him that i wanted to be his friends but wasn't interested in ever dating again. He said he was fine with that. 2 months later he introduced one of his work friends to me who was a little tipsy. The work friend was like "oh this is the girl you dated who you are still in love with that you talk about all the time isn't it. You are right she is really pretty." It was a pretty awkward moment for both me and my ex. I have been lead on before and really hurt by it and would never want to do that to my ex. What is the best thing to do now that i know he may have more serious feelings for me than i thought?


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  • He's just not over you. you aren't leading him on, because you haven't hinted about getting back with him. if worst comes to the worst, start dating or at least showing interest in someone else. that should force him to move on.

    • I just got out of a really bad relationship a few months ago and so I'm not interested in dating any one for a long time. However, there is a new girl that he met through work that he has mentioned he is interested in. I have really encouraged him to ask her out and try to tease her pretty often about her. I'm hoping that even though I'm not interested in anyone else me encouraging him to get with someone else is kind of the same thing.

    • its kinda flipped but technically yea... anything to take his focus off you.

    • thanks for the vote... keep in touch wit updates...

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  • Stop contact with him. He's not getting over you anytime soon with you sticking around.

  • Just curious, why isn't he the right guy?

    • He wasn't motivated and had a very negative out look on life. Plus after we broke up i found out he had been lying about a lot of things.

    • Woo. Makes sense. Maybe a clean break is best. Guys have problems just being friends.

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