Blargh. Girls what gives?

Broke up like 8 months ago. She left. Was seeing someone a month later, still is.

Multiple times she's said she'd leave me alone. Lasts 2-4 weeks before something gets sent my way. Always lacks confidence. Except for a month ago she called, asked to meet at a park. I had agreed, she wanted to apologize apparently. I answered out of curiousity what she wanted. Had been two months since last time we spoke, a month since she tried to text me. Said she'd leave me alone again. Lasted a day short of two weeks.


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  • It sounds like she is being indecisive and wants you to always be her other option. That's not a fair situation to place you in by any means. She was sure enough to break things off with you, but is also unsure if she wants it to stay that way. She wants her cake and wants to eat it too. I would just tell her that you deserve respect towards your emotions and she can't continuously put you on hold for later. If you are ready to move forward, I would either completely drop contact with her, or let her know that you are trying to work with the breakup and she is disrespecting your space and ability to recover.

    • It hasn't kept me from doing my thing, I've gotten two numbers this week and another date setup. I haven't been the contacter in at least 6 months. Responses have been cold and distant. Answered the phone and went to the park because i was curious what she had to say, wasn't counting on any thing. Really perplexes me contacts keep happening. Haven't 100% ignored her, but really close.

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  • Tell her to knock it the fuck off. There's no need to protect her feelings or be nice.

  • wish my ex bf was like that.. believe her


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