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What are your top 5 heartbroken songs or what songs did you listen to after your breakup with your significant other?


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  • I have a few songs for the 3 guys that I dated.

    1. You Oughta Know-Alanis Morrisette
    He left me for another girl...'are you thinking of me when you f her...'

    2. I knew You Were Trouble-Taylor Swift
    I knew he was a bad guy from the start but ignored all the red flags and went for it anyways. Was a bad ending

    the next 3 are for my current ex we are still not sure if we are getting back together or not. I honestly hope so he was the best guy. Love him so much.

    3. Nothing Compares to You-O'Conner

    4. Total Eclipse of the Heart-Bonnie Tyler

    5. You are in Love-Taylor Swift
    'He looks and says YOUR MY BEST FRIEND... and you knew what it was.. he is in love </3."
    he told me these words when he said he regretted leaving me =(

    • Thank you so much ! Im in the same situation as you.

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  • 1. Apologize - Timbaland Ft One Republic
    2. Everything I do - Bryan Adams
    3. Please Forgive Me - Bryan Adams
    4. Show me the Meaning - Backstreet Boys
    5. Somebody's Me - Enrique Iglesias
    6. Tired of being Sorry - Enrique Iglesias
    7. Wish I Was your Lover - Enrique Iglesias

    and many more. Just melodies :)


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