I'm in love with him. It's been over a week since contact should I break no contact and talk to him?

He broke up with me because he needed space. I miss him dearly. I know he still loves me. He told me he did when I saw him last. Should I break no contact?


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  • You should not break 'no contact'. have you ripped the scab off a cut before? Breaking no contact is the same thing.


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  • Give him his space now, Chelsea... he needs this time for himself. He may have been feeling smothered before and just wants this time to do what he wants to, find himself also. Many toms today Need this More than the ones yesterday and with this as well, they also don't want to be hooked at the hip, which is why he probably did the break up with you.
    Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up. And with some time away, some soul searching to boot, he may be coming around again with the Missing and the Kissing and you both could find yourselves at least in a friend's mode until something else is either said or done...
    Don't pressure him at this precarious point in time. This has probably been coming on and he has had trouble in telling you. It happens a lot in many relationships but many times too the end result Is----They still want you in their life.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks its just hard and the last time I saw him he hugged, kissed, and told me he loved me. Then I disappeared to give hom space. We normally spoke everyday but it's been over a week now. How much time should I give him?

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    • why are you not replying

    • Hi, Annu.. I am back and forth, working.. I will message.:))

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  • I think you should give the space he needs and wait for him to take a step.


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