Need help is about a friend?

alright so a female friend of mine is dating this guy
and they have a relationship for about 8 months now
and 2 months ago the guy said he was sleeping
but my friend heard from a different girl that he and the girl were spending some time together
and after that she never trusted him for the full 100
and he can read her messages on her phone but she cannot see his messages and he is kinda secret about it too
and she saw a few emails of him and the email said he was a member of a few xxx sites and she is very afraiid to be alone she cannot stay single for long
but should she brake up with him or not?


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  • Guys watch porn... it happens... no big deal.
    At the same time if he was just hanging out with the girl it's no big deal.
    The problem comes in if he was having sex with the other girl. If he is cheating she should leave.
    Also the lie about sleeping is a small problem...
    She should probably talk to him about it and gauge his reaction.

    She needs to not worry about being alone... there's plenty of men out there.

    • she already talked with him about him and that girl and the girl said they had sex and he says not and his reaction was he was getting angry

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    • More or less yes.
      But ultimately the choice is hers and all you can do is be supportive

    • if she leaves him or stay with him i will be supportive

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