How do I get over my girlfriend's kids?

My girlfriend of 2 years recently broke up with me and has been sleeping with her ex. She's a narcissist and wants nothing to do with me. She is a single mother with 2 amazing kids (6 year old boy and 7 year old girl). I am heartbroken x 3. I keep going through the 4 stages of grief multiple times a day and I am absolutely destroyed by the fact that I will never see these kids who I have come to love. I can get over her, but the fact that the kids are gone is tearing me apart.



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  • You have a big heart wow.. I totally understand you and I think you should tell her this.. Talk to her about it and explain that your love for those kids grew throughout those years and I hope she understands.. Talking and making everything clear should solve it.

    • I wish she would speak to me. Maybe given time. Is it selfish of her to deprive them of my company? I would love to visit on birthdays and keep track of how they are. I know how hard that will be, but it feels worth it.

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  • Wow i know what you are going through , currently im still seeing this girl , but i dont know were i stand, and i like her kid a lot, 2 days ago she had a misscariage , she was pregnant from me, and it wasn't certain if she wanted the child or not, that hurted me a lot, knowing i could lose 3 persons, already lost 1, our child, this girl is also very irresponsbile in her behaviors, she has way to many secrets for those who care for her, and love her. try to talk to her, i know its hard, when she is a narcacist, but talk about her kids as well, or buy a gift for her kids when they have their birthday, the kids won't forget you.

    • That's really hard. If you're like me, you feel like you can handle it and that it is a noble act. I'm not so sure anymore (though I would not have had the good time).

    • Hey did you ask a question about your situation

    • dont forget about the kids mate, i will buy her little daughter a Christmas gift as well, and i couldnt care less what she thinks about it. do the same, and most of the time we man are being told that we aren't allowed to feel any emotions, but we are obliged to have emotions as well. gl to you my friend, i hope we both get what we deserve

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  • I think you'll be only hurting yourself if you try and see them I've been there with a ex plus I have one of my own

    • I definitely agree in theory, it's juat so hard to think that I will never see them again. Their grandparents are amazing aswell (they all live together) so at least I am comfortable that they are being raised well and that they will be smart and successful.

    • I'm so sorry you have to go through that if you need any advice you can message

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  • Every time you feel like you miss the kids just remember what a vicious twat your ex gf was and snap back to reality my dude.

    • It's true, but it's them who suffer for it. I doubt I will try to see them, but it is so hard to decide. I don't want her to be constantly causing me grief.

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