Ex didn't reply after long string of upbeat texts?

I'm 26, she's 21. Hi, my situation is, Me and my ex were together for about 5-6 months, and she broke up with me in October (relationship was great). She cried a lot when she broke up with me, and she said she wants to stay friends, but I decided at the time it wasn't a good idea. I want to get back with her. It seemed like we were so in love. It doesn't make sense.
I think I realized after the breakup we saw eachother maybe a bit too much during our relationship and I needed to give her space.
I did 30 days of no contact. After 30 something days I texted her with an upbeat message saying that something reminded me of her and brought back a memory of one of our few first dates. She texted me back with exclamation marks and excitement. After that it was back and forth messages equal in length, one after the other. We were telling each other about what we're up to, I made sure I sounded like I've been busy and doing great. During these texts, she would take hours to reply. I don't know if it took her a long time to respond because she didn't want to sound TOO eager (playing a game)? Or if she's legit busy with school or work... When we were together she would respond quick. So I decided that if she's going to wait a long time, then I'm not going to seem too eager to respond either so I decided to wait to respond. So a few texts spread over 2 days, I ended the conversation once saying I had to go and I'll text her later... I waited a day and texted her again with another upbeat message letting her know about a promotion at her favourite coffee spot, and again her messages was equal in length and excited. A couple messages later, I send her a message at 4pm, it is now 8am the next morning with no response to my text.
How come she hasn't responded?
Should I just wait until she sends me a message whether she messages me or not? OR Should I wait a few days and if she doesn't send another message, I'll send another upbeat message? Or should I just forget it and quit?
  • Wait until she messages me? (if she decides to)
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  • Wait a few days and if she doesn't respond, Send another upbeat message?
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  • She's testing me to see if I'll send a double text right away (neediness)
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  • Just forget it and quit?
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  • If you want her back, I say you call her up and say "I've been thinking and I really would like to try to get together.. would you be willing to try dating all over again?

  • Give her more time to respond. And if after a couple days she fails to respond, give it another shot.


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