At what point do the games stop and why is it hard to let go?

I'm not too sure if my ex wanted to get back with me after a couple failed attempts with other guys. She called and talked as if we were the best of friends, (We were before we dated) and told me about a lot. She started to come around a bit more as well. Telling me things like, "you're not the person I thought I dated." I use to get accused of a lot and always had to provide proof to put her at ease. No one could of taken me from this woman, so I was confused as to where the accusations would come from. I was cool until I caught wind of those same sly actions on her end. I guess the assumptions drove her to do what she thought I was doing/did. Anyway, I unintentionally hurt her feelings by telling a white lie recently. (We also broke up because I eventually told a white lie to try and avoid a nasty argument.)

Short version. She got stuck and needed gas. A friend of mine was able to help but I tried to make it seem like I gave him money. She finds out that never happened and cut all ties (lol). This was only to tame her insecurity about the situation. Now I'm back to being the worst person in the world and blocked, yet again. Only reason I'm kind of bummed is because she's my first girl and she became apart of me. Why call and then go back to blocking me a day later when I try to call back? I know I'm in the wrong again but damn, why do I have to play this power struggle game? What can I do to get over this woman?


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  • The way you stop games is to end it. Let it go and don't contact her. Those white lies don't warrent cutting someone off. This all sounds very childish. Get out of the revolving door for good. And earlier when you said she did the things she accused you of because she thought you did them. Most cheaters and shady people accuse their other because they know their guilty and are trying to deflect any attention on their side. I doubt it was something you did.

  • You must cut off all contact with her in order to move on.


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