What limit must x approach in order for h (x) to equal 0, other than the limit as x approaches "don't date or conduct a romantic relationship"?

Let h (x) represent the chance of heartbreak.
Let x represent the ways in which one conducts his or her dating and romantic life.
x =/= don't date or conduct a romantic relationship

lim x -> c h (x) = 0

What is c ("don't date or conduct a romantic relationship" is not a solution)?

In other words, how do I not get heartbroken or minimize the risk as much as possible without not dating or taking part in romantic relationships?


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  • C wouldn't exist (in mathematical terms).

    You need to be fully content with yourself to not experience being heartbroken or to at least minimize the risk of having said heartbreak. A relationship in the end wouldn't solve the problem.

    The answer is No Solution unless you change the formula of the equation.


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  • Lower e (x) = expectation of finding a romantic partner anytime soon, and increase f (x) = having fun with new people in your life. Also realize that dating is not math, no matter what he says


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  • The limit does not exist!

    Wait, this wasn't a Mean Girls quote, right?

    Seriously, you can't protect yourself. If you aren't "all in" the relationship stands no chance, and if you're all in you run the risk of being hurt. Sorry buddy, I wish I had the silver bullet but it doesn't exist.

  • You made my brain hurt. But...

    Heartache is always the risk. You can't predict it and you can't protect yourself from it. You learn from each one and move on. So the answer would be let yourself live and love with heartbreaks possible, or close yourself off to the greatest experience mankind can share.

    Now if you will excuse me I need to go get a band aid for my brain.

  • It's not algebra with variables, it's more like a science pertaining to chemistry.
    Neither math nor science are my strong points, but i know enough to know that heartbreaks are a part of everyone's love story at some point. You can't avoid it. You gotta take the good with the bad.


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  • The solution is extremely simple, you just have to be interested in people who seem and are trustworthy, and the feeling being mutual.


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