Was this revenge justified?

Three years ago, I was a freshman just entering college. I met a guy during freshman orientation at my school (in June). Although freshman orientation was only one weekend, things heated up between he and I fast and we maintained a long distance relationship because we lived in different states. When school started in September, things heated up even more. We were inseparable and I started falling for him fast. I met his suitemates, his friends, and he even took me home to meet his family. Physically, we did everything but have sexual intercourse.

At the end of the semester, I logged onto Facebook one day to see that my relationship status was changed and he was in a relationship with a "friend" who I met during the first week of classes. I confronted him about it and he refused to talk about it. After confronting my "friend", I learned that she only befriended me to get close to him. She also pretended to like one of his suitemates as more than just a friend to get close to my now ex.

I was infuriated. She had told me in private that she had herpes and syphilis, so I told my other friends and the news quickly spread around. We also turned her roommate against her and told her R. A. about her smoking pot and she got kicked out of her dorm.

I was even more angry with him. After his suitemates found out what happened, they told me that they didn't like him either because of his arrogance. Even his R. A. didn't like him. One day when he went home for the weekend, he left his phone on his bed. I was hanging out with one of his suitemates when we discovered this and we called an Australian weather channel. It was a loop and we didn't hang up the phone. We plugged it into the wall and they unplugged it a couple hours before he came home, so he was basically on the phone with Australia all weekend. He also left his laundry money (in quarters) lying around. We used it to buy pizza. We also filled his water bottle with toilet water and he drank the whole thing.
  • No, neither of them deserved that.
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  • Getting revenge on him was justified, but not on her.
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  • Getting revenge on her was justified, but not on him.
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Lastly, I hooked up with 4 of his suitemates (including the one she lied to) and his R. A. to make him angry. I didn't go all the way with any of them though and I made it clear that it was just for fun. None of them are mad at me, so I don't think they felt led on. I'm still on good terms with them.


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  • I got revenge once and it was bittersweet because although it felt nice to inflict a modicum of annoyance and displeasure on my fellow counterparts it ultimately left me feeling very hallow and it didn't feel like a victory to me. Perhaps it felt like a hallow victory...

    The best revenge in life is to walk away with your head held high and to live a successful and happy life; this is the ultimate form of revenge.


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  • Hooking up with five people for revenge... hmmm. Hopefully your reputation and self respect stays intact.


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  • Although I voted C
    I fear that... whatever YOU do to others
    comes back on YOU at least seven fold

  • That was kinda shitty.


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  • While that story had me laughing, I don't think you had to go as far as hooking up with his friends. With all the other junk you did, it was (for lack of better words) overkill.

  • he is a dick

  • that was funny lol


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