How do I get over, having my heart broken?

What's the best way to get over rejection and having your heart broken. I'm not in a good place at the moment. I can't stop thinking about her. I did everything I could, and nothing wrong yet it wasn't enough. I thought she loved me but now she wants my brother. No matter what I do, she will never want me.
I even think like stupid thoughts about how I could get her to feel sorry for me or get her attention again and make her realise what she did to me, but there's no point.
This has just been my life's story since day one. People use me and leave. I long for love so much... and she was so beautiful as well, funny and great to be around. I try my best to forget her but just feel so weak when I'm around her. I try ignoring her. There's not much for me out-there, I don't have much of a social life and how am I suppose to find new things to do at 30 years old?


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  • 1. Relax... meditate a bit.
    2. Find your male friends and engage in social activities
    3. Prioritize your personal interest or work
    4. Take your time but try to find new woman.

    Despite what you might think she really isn't ALL that... nobody is. We grow accustomed to people we build relationships with but realistically theyre severely overrated by our own perceptions of them.
    And please... Whatever tou do stay away from fatalistic or suicidal thoughts... she's definitely not worth it.

    Put your time into the gym... sports... reading stuff you normally wouldnt. I noticed the most important thing to do after a break up is to find something new that intrigues you. Regardless of whether its a thing or a person... the point is that it breaks the predictable cycle that was characterized by your ex's relationship.

    Stay positive bro and learn to appreciate everything you stand for.


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  • Its tough man i know from experience.. As corny as it sounds time heals all wounds... Have new surroundings, get busy, focus on you.. Good luck bro


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