Is this a sign my ex still likes me?

I dont have a habit of social media stalking, but I'm trying hard to get over my ex, but I accidentally stumbled upon her Twitter via a friends Twitter. The temptation to click on her Twitter and read her posts was just too strong. I found some love song lyrics, and statements about missing and thinking about someone. Do you think they may be passive aggressively about me? The thing is, SHE initiated the breakup in our relationship that I can honestly say had no problems except for the fact that she has way too much stuff in her life to deal with. Could she possibly miss me even though SHE is the one who broke up with ME a month ago and never talks to me? If so, it would be relieving, but then again I don't like to see her sad.

What do you think and what would you do?


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  • It could be either way right now. She seems kind of lonely based off of the stuff you said she was posting. Has she initiated any contact during your break up? Has she started any conversations or anything?
    Also, what was the reason for the break up?
    I think she's acting like any girl after a break up; confused, lonely, and some girls like to publicize that, while others would keep it off social media. It kind of sounds like she wants you to reach out to her, or that she is just looking for attention. If you want, there's a couple things you can do:
    1. You can call/text her and ask her how she is, how life is, etc.
    2. (^ Do above), and invite her to go out for coffee or something.
    3. Move on.
    You didn't give very much info about your ex so it's hard to give s definite answer. My suggestion is try reaching out to her. Do you ever see her? Do you have class together, work together, etc?

    • She said she broke up with me because I'm about to go to the Middle East for a year and she doesn't want the two of us worrying about eachother and that she has too much in her mind already: school, work, dying grandfather. She seemed pretty bummed, not as bummed out as me though. There was nothing wrong with our relationship, no problems. She snap chatted me a few days afterward. And then she drunk snap chatted me a few days after those. I responded to both but they were short interactions. The first 2 days I called her and texted her once. She picked up the phone and responded to the text. She got mad and called me crazy over text and then apologized the next day. A month ago, I accidentally called her (she's next to my sister in contacts) and she picked up. I said "oh shit sorry wrong person, bye" and hung up. Felt like a freakin idiot. Within the last month, neither of us has initiated contact.

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  • No I don't think she does, I always post missing love stuff but that doesn't mean I miss or I love someone.

  • Yeah I think she does


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