Ladies how do I fall out of love?

Life pulled us apart. We loved each other very much. She left though, missed home. I had an appropriate reason for not going right away (not enough to explain here) but realized I wanted to. Wasn't like I gave up completely. She's codependant hates being alone and got in another relationship very fast. She got dumped and we briefly tried to reconcile but she went back to him. After about 8 months of them being back he's her " first and last love". They dated in hs. Guess it could still be honeymoon stuff... doesn't matter to me... I don't wanna feel for her anymore but I'm still in love with her and trying not to be. I'm independent and don't love much... To me it's special and you don't just throw that around. you know when you know and that has meaning. I'm careful about going all in, unlike her I guess. I wrote her a letter recently saying I've dated and am out there but I still miss her and love her. We had 4+ years... marriage and all that was on the table. A friend told me to follow my heart so I did. She didn't tell me to go to hell but "I don't know what to say". Her actions speak without her speaking. Even if it's not true I feel I could fall off of earth and she wouldn't blink. I'll never have closure and I understand she doesn't owe me that. It's like we have unfinished business the wY it happened. I don't care anymore. How the hell do I stop loving her. Even after the mess she made I still do.
Even after she went back to him... she was saying things like if you never talk to me again how am I gonna know if something happens to you... do people think they can have cake and eat it too?


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  • You stop contacting her for starters, they won't help you move on. Then you focus on looking forwards to meeting your soulmate, who is still out there for you. That's how I look at it.

    • that* won't

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    • That's the bitch of it. She made me feel that way lol.

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