Why does your ex still keep your number?

If an ex breaks up with you, what would be the reason for him or her to keep the dumpee's number?
For the one that got dumped, is it better to delete the ex's number?


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  • Maybe so he knows not to answer if you call him. Or maybe he just doesn't want to delete because he misses you and does not want you completely erased from his life.


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  • i heard that guys never delete womens numbers. I don't know how true this is. but I've had guys that I hung out with one time 6 months ago still randomly text me, like wtf why do you still have my number

    • True, some of us do have our ex's numbers in our phone. Two reasons: Either we just forget to delete it, or, we still have some kind of spark towards you. Depends form a guy to a guy

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  • We go shopping together, grab dinner together, hang out together etc... I guess because they still want to keep contact with you.


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