Why are men rude an mean to the young lady they claim are the love of there life?

My ex and i no longer talk we veen on an off for 2 years now. When we first got together iwas a little butt hole i never really had somebody love me me so i didn't no if he was playing with me or what. So when i realized he was serious i became serious an we was good but he changed on me out of nowere 1year 1/2 later n started bringin up all the boys i was cool with. Callin me names an just being mean for no reason but he stayed claimin i was the love of his life. Then he stopped talkn me stopd callin. For a min i thought he never new me. Iits like he will say anything to get me mad or have atitudes wit me. Smh he cussed me out when i went to his job to get som food an his friend works in the food area an he got mad at me when his friend said hey. I am his first EVERYTHING and i dont know why i got treated lik that. We broke up but i thought we was gonna work it out lik always. So i called him an he was actin like anything i said to him didn't matter an sayin he tlks to other girls. But he called me the other day askn if i can hang out with him n his family and i didn't answer but he textd me n told me what he wanted. So that same day he callrd i answered n he said he missed me n he love me n was mad at him n askd him y he textn n calln me if he lik sombody else n he startd lying so i hung up. 4 days later i calld bak felt bad that i hung up cus we been through so much. when i called bak he told me he dont love me nor have any feelings for me or even think about me. it makes no since bc he was being mean to me days bfo i hung up the phone on him. I don't know why he thinks its okay for him to do an say things to me but when i hang up its lik i commited a crime n he hates me..


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  • Ok first off I'm sorry ur. Going through this, I know it can suck. And second off, why do boys in elementary school tease and pick on their crush? Because guys are IMMATURE no matter what age. Honestly, I think guys start to act like this after dating someone for a long time because they try to have control over their partner. They think that because you've been their girlfriend for so long that they own you. Sometimes guys will call their partner names and stuff to lower the girls self esteem, because if a girls self esteem is low she's more likely to do whatever he wants- which brings us back to him being controlling. I'm sorry if this doesn't answer your question, Honestly I'll never understand how some guys think

    • Its very hard. I been with his his ole muskrat face a** for a long time n iloved him we met each others family when on vacation with his people. So much i almost had his baby an he acts like im nothing

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  • I can't understand anything you need to improve your English

    • Lol lmaoo sorry im typing on my phone eating pasta... sorry

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    • Ohkay thanks ino for a fact he is going to call and text.. tryning to get back with me sometime but it has been 3weeks crazy it feels like 1 day

    • @Asker just give him a cold solder he need a lesson you are not his toy

  • They're asses. Find someone better


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