Feel so guilty, need advice please?

Hi everyone
I'm feeling really guilty about breaking up with my girlfriend. We were together 6 years then split in February then went back and forth for a while then I said I would give her 100% again but as soon as I said that I felt I was lying but she looked so happy, I was gutted. I finally said to her that we need to go our separate ways but I have cried since even know I don't fully love her anymore. I feel so guilty as she said she can't see her future without me, it makes me really sad knowing she is going through this but I know she will be better off without me as I cannot give her the 100% she deserves.. I wish I could feel differently and love her fully but I would be lying to her and myself, I can't help how I feel...


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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and it is Goodbye, my love forever...
    With just breaking it off, you need to give yourself time, sweetie, to perhaps give yourself a test of time to find out if without some of the Kissing there might just be the Missing and perhaps you may even realize you are more in love with her than you thought... you may just need some room to breathe, some space right now.
    If not and with More time, you could both even end up bestie friends... let time do some soul searching... let this also be your best friend.
    It may be too soon to tell how you 'Feel' so take this Time for you now.
    Good luck. xx

    • It's not the first time we broke up but I feel so guilty because I sort of lead her on by not being completely honest which is killing me
      She's an amazing girl, why are relationships so hard sometimes! Thanks for your answer it makes sense

    • Ohhh, I see more now... and with breaking up and making up and now again, it is showing me you 'Love' her deep down but just need time for You, you feel smothered and really do not want o be hooked at the hip right now.. take this time to think it out.. i do believe you need time for You now.. you are so welcome.. I have been there where you have been a few times.. it is hard. xx

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  • The guilt will pass, it sucks because hurting others is never fun, but the longer you draw it out the worse it will get.

    • Thanks Bro, just can't help but feel I could make her happy if I got back with her even at the expense of me not being happy..

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  • You weren't feeling it so you did the right thing. She deserves to be with someone who is fully committed to her. By breaking things off, you're allowing her to find someone that can love her the way she should be loved. You did the right thing

    • It's nice to hear this, thanks

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