Please help. Im hurting badly?

Break-up: My bf broke up with me b/c he needed space and time to work on his business project. Said he'll always care about me and still loves me. Said he has a lot of feelings for me and wants to be with me just not right now. I asked if we could just take a break and he said that sounds good.

History: We dated for 7 months. We love eachother. Had a rough month or so but stuck through it.

Now: I tried no contact for 7 days and finally broke it and saw him one night. He clearly missed me and we cuddled. Since I've spent a few more nights with him. He holds me tight. Kisses me passionately and kisses my cheeks/forehead. I didn't have sex with him at first. I told him I didn't want to be used and he said he truly cares about me and he doesn't even really talk to other girls. Im the only girl he cares about.
Today he thought I said I love you and he told me he loves me too. We always hug and kiss goodbye. Feels like he loves me.

I don't know what to do. Help, Im so in love. I want to feel secure again.

What do I do next. Please only serious advice that you could follow yourself.

Thank you.


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  • It's not love if he can pull back for a week and be ok with it. I'd tell him to fuck off.


What Girls Said 1

  • Best way to get over a guy is under another one. He'll be doing the same unfortunately. Most guys always rebound after a relationship to help them cope.


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