Why does my Ex want me to know there are other people chasing her?

My Ex-GF dumped me 2 months ago, and we were in a relationship for 2 years. We broke up because I kept repeating the same mistakes. She said that she wanted to be friends and I agreed. We go to the same University and see each other almost on a daily basis since we have the same friendship group too. She feels awkward around me and she acts cold/emotionless.

There was a misunderstanding a few days ago where she read a blog of mine (about jealousy) and somehow thought that I'm acting close to "her" friends (even though they are my friends too) to be in her face and to get her attention. I wanted to talk to her to clear things up but she said she didn't want to talk. Today, a mutual friend of ours talked to her about the whole thing.

Our mutual friend told me about their conversation and here is how it goes. She started off by asking whether things are awkward with me, and my Ex said "Yes, things are awkward again after reading his blog". When my mutual friend told her my explanation, however my Ex-GF said she doesn't care anymore. She also said that I'm not her boyfriend anymore so my things don't have anything to do with her. Then my friend ask her what else she wants me to know, and surprisingly my Ex did say something. She told her friend that she wants me to know that there are other people chasing her now. Then they talked about how this "god brother" of her asked her to go out on a date with him, but she turned him down since she wasn't interested (not sure if this part was included in the thing she wanted to tell me). She also said that she doesn't want to date anyone anymore after what she has been through, and would turn anyone down.

I'm so confused right now. Why does she say that she doesn't care anymore, but wants me to know that there are other guys chasing her? Is that a sign telling me to give up on chasing her? Or is she trying to tell me to step my game up and start changing? Please give me your view on this.
Why does my Ex want me to know there are other people chasing her?
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