Should I try and win him back? or is he just a using douche bag?

soo I have been going through a rough divorce I met this guy he said all the right things and we hungout steady and talked and snap chatted all day we ended up having sex, I found out he had a gf on our second date but he said he would leave her cause he met me. he didn't end up leaving her I got upset and drank a lot and ended up messaging her and telling her what had happened between us and when he called the next day I told him.. and he said he never wanted to talk to me or see me again and I wouldn't understand why and that I had tried ruining his life and everything around him? after many apologetic texts he won't respond its been two days still nothing my heart is broken did he just use me? or is there anything I can do to try and win him over? I feel sad and confused like how could someone be soo heartless I told him everything about me and the divorce


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  • Sorry about how you're feeling. It sucks because you told him about your situation.. because you probably trusted him and felt he was there for you. It is a shady thing what he did, he had a gf and lied about it. I do feel like he kind of used you, but.. he sounds like he may be confused. Don't try anything, if you feel better write him a long message telling him off and delete him out of your life. He's an asshole for doing you the wrong way.. he lied, he cheated. He will get whats coming to him.. trust me. People always get what they deserve.


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