Would you follow the same therapy as depicted in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Completely erasing memories of your ex?

No matter how I've been hurt, and still hurt, I would never do that. I feel the need to keep memories of people that were important to me, even if that makes me suffer so much, and anyway the pain should fade at least a little as time goes by.
Unfortunately, my ex did not seem to think the same, I have literally no idea where she is on this planet, what she does, if she's even alive. I would not get back with her even if she asked me to, but I'm still very sad that she just disappeared. Almost the same sadness you keep of family members that passed away, it's just frightening to think about things ending like that forever.

What about you? Would you erase someone from your memory to make it easier to move on? Apparently everybody advises NOT to discuss this movie with your significant other haha, I can understand why, it's pretty heavy stuff.
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  • Depends how much im effected. If it hurts and just want to move on, then definitely. But otherwise I could just be friends with them so meh.

  • I would gladly erase the existence of unpleasant people from my memory.


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