My friend stabbed me in my back for my ex?

After me and my ex broke up she have been hanging out with a friend of mine and his friends.
They were like together everyday and out of the blue she got a relationship with a friend of that "friend" of my. I dont know if this is on purpose but he throws it in my face in every possible way , snapchat , instagram , facebook. I really feel betrayed, they didn't even know eachother before me now he never talk to me instead of that he is chilling with my ex girl😒
What to do with this asshole? Its been a while I felt so much anger.


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  • You wanna revenge from them? make them both suffer ;) if your friend has an EX go out with her and try to make her your girlfriend specially if he was deeply in love with her and that would make them both suffer and listen don't consider him as your friend anymore just for get him and do as I told you.


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