Does my boyfriend still have feelings for his ex?

My boyfriend and I were gonna take pictures & he doesn't like to. so I asked "Did you take pictures with your exes before?" & he says "well my ex doesn't count bc we were friends before we dated. but no." (PS: we met on an online dating app we have met in person) so I was like "Wtf , we were friends too!" & he said "it was different between me & her. . "
like what the hell? I don't understand why'd he even say that. . . then i asked him if he still had feelings for her and he said no and I asked if he was sure and he said he was positive.
It hit me then. . . before we got together like a month after on his profile (on the dating site) he constantly kept talking about his ex and how he missed her. She called him about 1½ month ago & he seemed so happy he was like "wtf , my ex called xD" I don't know why he was so happy but now I understand. . . I feel like I'm a total sidechick and if his ex decided to ask him out randomly he would dump me for her. does it seem like he still has feelings for her? I'm crying right now and I don't know what to do :( He treats me horrible by the way. When I tell him he's hurt my feelings he would say "Well get over it." I just I don't know what to do :( I can't stop crying.


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  • Ill be straight. If he truly liked his ex. He will still have feelings for her. And he feels a sense of revenge and achievement if she text him. It does not mean that he will go back to her!!! She obviously hurt him and he likes you. That is why he started going out with you. Find the spark that started your relationship. Focus on yourself and your relationship and ignore the woman. Do not dwell on her actions as you will push him away.

  • It's his EX and his friend so you can't force a guy to do what you want, people always get happy when someone calling them it's human nature specially if they didn't talk for long time. You need to learn how to treat a guy and what dating means.


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