My girlfriend well technical my ex girlfriend is driving me literally nuts right now. I don't. Know whether to try and fix it or just give up?

I have no clue what to do. We live together also keep that in mind please. So a few days ago my girlfriend says she wants to break up with me. I ask why, she says because you don't show me love, attention, support, you've become meaner lately and say mean things. I will admit I have been a jerk. Stressful things at work and around the house were driving me to become a jerk. So anyways though I tell her I love her and I care so much for her. She doesn't want to hear nothing about that I care. Anyway I leave for awhile to the living room to cool off. An i go back in a few hours later to try and fix it. An her and I start arguing pretty badly. We both end up removing each other for the situation after a period of an hour or so arguing about our relationship. Anyway the next day though we get back into an argument about us and me and her as persons. Anyway she says she wants nothing to do with me or even wants to see me unless have to. Yesterday I find out well she told me she is seeing her ex boyfriend again. I am loosing my mind about that. An the fact about not being a out to fix this. This morning her and I are talking and she brings him up again on how she will bring him around when I'm not at my house and she said she not dating him but seeing him. I have no clue if she is just trying to drive me nuts since I made her very mad about the arguing. I keep telling her I love her and I will fix this and I will change my ways and she wants to hear nothing from it. I don't know what to do my mom says its a likely chance she is just messing with your head. I don't know though its hard to believe that when she told me. I am just so sad and lost. She tells me she doesn't love me or like me. I just don't believe it 2 days ago she was telling me she loved me. Ugh I just am so sad gosh I just need help with this. Should I believe her about her seeing her ex? Can I even save this? Gosh please someone give me some advise. I don't know what to do, my brain is feeling fried


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